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Finding an autorickshaw at 10 pm had never felt this dangerous of a task to Hajra before. As she kept scanning at the passing vehicles with the alertness of an owl, she continuously held onto her valuables using both hands, clutching onto, from one arm, her purse in which she had kept the little jewelry she had donned, while firmly holding onto her seven-year-old son using the other hand. A few buses passed by, and so did a taxi, or two, that slowed as they passed along, in attempts of finding a passenger. But Hajra made no attempts to hail…

And our children need to learn it now, more than ever

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Our status quo seems to be in a rather interesting state of paradox. While today’s world is becoming more and more connected, with growing commerce and advancements in technology, the need to educate students on how to become active global citizens has become greater now than ever before. As per the U.S. Fund for UNICEF, a global citizen is defined as “someone who understands interconnectedness, respects and values diversity, has the ability to challenge injustice, and takes action in personally meaningful ways”.

Today’s education for global citizenship empowers students to understand and exercise their human rights in ways that demonstrate…

Hospital construction in progress in Wuhan, China (Photo Credit: House Space Prefab)

In January, Wuhan, China, manifested itself to the world as the first coronavirus hot spot. With cases and death toll climbing quickly, drastic circumstances called for drastic measures. Therefore, a makeshift medical facility was pledged in Wuhan to tackle the outbreak. The project broke ground on 23rd January 2020. With plants and equipment sent within hours, and management staff and construction workers assembled overnight, construction works started off immediately. Ten days later, the hospital was ready to be handed over to the authorities for operation.

The two-storey Huoshenshan Hospital spans over an area of around 60,000 m2 and accommodates 1000…

According to reports, ‘no one inside felt it move’

Relocation of the Indiana Bell Building, 1930 (Photo Credit:

In 1929, the Central Union Telephone Company Building was purchased by the Indiana Bell Telephone Company and was initially planned to be demolished and replaced by a much larger headquarters on the site. However, since the building provided essential services to the city, demolishing the building did not seem viable. The Architect, Kurt Vonnegut Sr., hence, suggested moving this eight-story, steel-frame, and brick building, which measured about 100 x 135 feet and weighed about 11,000 tons, to make room for expansion. The relocation of the headquarters building of Indiana Bell Telephone Company in Indianapolis remains one of the most fascinating…


Are you familiar with the woman who lives on the moon? I am pretty sure many of you may have never even heard of her up until now. I was introduced to her when I was seven. What I found particularly enamoring about this forlorn character is the ambiguity and mystery that she imbues through her existence. See, each character we have come across, from fairy tales to folklores, carries with them a specific weight of virtue or evil, whether it be the plump yet angelic Santa Claus, the petite yet dazzling Tooth fairy, or the vile ghouls and monsters…

…and I do not know how to deal with it

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I will get right to the point here. Let me first state it out in the open: Saad is my first name, Ali my middle, and Faizi my last. So, you add all of them up, and you get a full Saad Ali Faizi. You see, I prefer being referred by four-letter monosyllable of a first name, Saad, yet many call me by my middle name, Ali, and it is honestly my own fault. When you are a non-local, living in a foreign land, and want to gel with others, you want to make it easier for everyone around you…

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With the growing and changing needs of today, as well as the limited design life of every building, demolition is a necessary undertaking, which requires due diligence and careful planning. While many of us think of dramatic implosions and wrecking balls, when we hear the word demolition, those methods are generally not permitted within built-up, heavily populated areas due to the associated concerns of noise, dust, safety, and proximity to other built assets. Hence, the disposal of tall buildings needs to be a carefully planned process that ensures safety and minimizes any impact on the surroundings.

Is it possible to make it rain in drylands?

While we still have not reached the point where we can control the weather (and thank goodness for that!), it does seem as if the winds are changing. The technology of cloud seeding has enabled Mother Nature’s force of precipitation (i.e. rainfall, hail, snowfall, etc.) to be artificially induced. Before understanding what cloud seeding is, let us first take a look at what clouds are and how they cause precipitation.

The fluffy pillows that you see flying on top of you are basically a bunch of water droplets or ice crystals floating in the sky. Clouds are formed from the…

A revolving door in University of Florida

The concept of revolving doors is arguably an interesting one. Not only are revolving doors fun to use, but they also have a rather amusing origin, having been first conceived and designed to eliminate forced interactions and unnecessary displays of chivalry. But, do you know that revolving doors can help save up to 30 percent in energy costs as well?

Revolving doors are basically energy efficient as they always maintain a seal (i.e. airlock) between the inside and outside of a building, decreasing the loss of heating or cooling for the building. Consider an instance: the air-conditioning system keeps the…

Photo credit: Bose Headphones

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to regard noise cancelling headphone a game-changer of recent times. Whether you’re on a plane, in a subway or on a crowded street, noise-cancelling headphones will drown out almost everything around you, bringing peace and quiet to your ears. But how do they work? To enable such a feature, your headphones must have the ability to listen as well — to everything around you. We will refer to these sounds as ambient sounds from hereon.

Sound is made up of waves and as it moves through the air, it compresses and expands the air in…

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